Our Logo

The mission of Foothills Church of Christ points towards the spreading of truth, the building of community, and the offering of praise. Our members designed an image that would thoughtfully, yet simply, illustrate these key elements.

As for TRUTH, the tree as a whole is representative of God's creation and how the righteous must depend upon their Creator, like a tree planted by the water (Psalm 1:3). The vibrant colors represent the lives, continuous growth, and joy of each believer.

To create a sense of COMMUNITY, the tree is made up of three figures that show the intimacy of brothers and sisters in Christ. They combine to form the base of one tree just as we form one community of believers (Romans 12:4-5).

To reveal our hearts of PRAISE, the figures are lifting their hands in a show of celebration, as trees that could clap their hands (Isaiah 55:12). The leaves can either be seen as praises sent upwards to heaven, or blessings of the Lord raining down upon us (Matthew 5:45).

Overall, the logo suggests the beautiful life we have been given in Christ and how we are excited to be among God's children in praise and harmony.