We believe that everyone who has chosen to be baptized has joined themselves to Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-10). Once joined to Christ, we no longer operate as an individual, but as a community of believers. We try to share experiences, possessions, and workload as we take on Christ's attitude and behaviors in our daily lives.

We express our common unity (community) in Christ through observing communion during each Sunday morning assembly of the church. As a group of individuals who are unified by Christ, we express that unity by everyone eating from the same loaf of bread and drinking from the same cup of grape juice (1 Corinthians 10:16-17; 11:17-30). We believe that this expression of our unity in Christ most accurately models how a Christian from the first century would remember Jesus today.

There is more to community than our identity as a community of believers. To get more details about our societal community involvement, please click here.